Airplane Advertising – A Sure-Shot Way to Reach Your Target Group

The quantity of commercials that consumers are bombarded with nowadays are so huge that they seem awful and even irksome. You look around and there is a poster, billboard or banner and so on filling up every possible space. As a result, consumers have become indifferent to all these marketing techniques. They have found a way to tune out all these disturbing messages and pass them by as if they do not exist.From the business owner’s point of view, this trend can’t be too pleasing. As they still need to sell their products or services, what better way to make consumers aware of their existence than through advertisements? Under these circumstances, they need to think twice before opting for a medium of advertising, if they don’t want to burn holes in their pockets putting money into an unsuccessful advertising campaign.Airplane advertisement is an excellent choice when it comes to advertising products and services. And this medium of advertising seem to have grabbed a lot of due to its novelty. If numbers are to be believed, people remember aerial advertising better than any other form of advertising. The impact of this kind of advertising during rush hour is simply amazing.The custom aerial banners that are towed by small airplanes will flash your message to various people present at all sorts of events and locations, such as concerts, festivals, theme parks, on the beach or even to those stuck in rush hour traffic.Initially there was apprehension that it would meet the same fate of other unsuccessful ad mediums. But surveys say otherwise. The results are very much in favor of the efficacy of airplane advertising. It seems that almost 90 percent of the respondents still remembered an airplane even half-an-hour later and almost 80 percent could remember the product advertised on the custom aerial banner.Aerial advertising benefits both individuals and companiesThe medium of airplane advertising generates not just ripples but waves of interest. It is turning out to be one of the most widely-used means of advertising nowadays. From individuals to even politicians in the US, people are turning to aerial ads to make themselves heard. Aerial advertising allows a politician to make his or her candidacy known to locals and it is also used for campaigning Aerial banners flying before and after a candidate’s visit reinforce him as a candidate to vote for can translate into results at the ballot box.Aerial banner advertising is no longer just for small-time companies who do not have enough funds to do a full-blown advertising campaign. These days, even corporate giants are drawn towards it for its instant link to a consumer base and that too in a cost-effective manner.

Cell Phone Vs Internet Advertising

Mobile advertising is more commonly known as cell phone advertising. It is the process of using a mobile device in order to advertise a product or service across many other mobile devices throughout the world. It is the latest craze in advertising and anyone with a cell phone and and something to sell can partake in it. When people think of advertising, they think of the conventional methods that rich companies use like commercials or radio ads. However, thanks to the internet, newer and more expansive advertising methods are being used at this very moment. Cell phone advertising is just one of the many possibilities.Cell Phone vs Internet AdvertisingThe real question is why is cell phone advertising such a big deal? Even though everyone can use it, everyone can use other advertising sources throughout the internet that may be much cheaper. Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace were thought of as giants when it came to advertising for the normal person. In many cases, they still are, but many have not found success. The reason for cell phone advertising success is because people have cell phones with them at all times.The difference between mobile phone advertising and normal internet advertising is that people don’t always have their computers with them. Sure, people bring laptops with them everywhere, but they aren’t always on them. A phone is with most everyone at all times, and some allow internet access themselves. Beyond all of that, some advertisers see cell phones as just another platform to get the word out to show what they provide to the public.Getting Personal with CustomersMobile advertising allows you to keep close access to all of your advertising campaigns at all times and get to know people who are interested to make them more comfortable. Not only that, but the ability to send anything you want with the push of a button is too much to pass up. Some customers may feel more comfortable speaking to someone directly about something that they’re being offered, rather than just reading text and deciding whether it is sincere or not. If that is the case, mobile phone advertising is just what is needed.Mobile advertising might not be the greatest advertising platform that exists, but it is one of the most efficient. Normal, every day people enjoy having their mobile phones with them and the advertisements that are on them

Advertisements Are Here to Stay

Everyone knows what advertisements are, though not every person necessarily recognizes every one they see as such. Advertisements are messages primarily intended to drive sales of products or services. However, they also serve purposes other than eliciting a direct consumer response of this sort. They are also used to create and enhance brand identity and foster customer loyalty.They may use any and every type of media including print (newspapers, magazines and through subtle product placements, even books), broadcast media like radio and television, outdoor media (billboards, signs and so on), the web and other new media. They show up even in video games, movie trailers (and in films through product placement, something also a regular practice on television). With so many media possibilities, consumers are sometimes exposed to adverts without even knowing it!Advertising has been with us for millennia; for almost as long as people have been engaging in commerce, merchants have been using various means to promote sales of their products and services. Of course, advertisements have changed a lot since their beginning, but their purpose has been a constant.The first known ads date back to ancient Egypt; the practice of promoting one’s wares quickly spread, with merchants in Egypt, Greece and other contemporary civilizations using papyrus to create posters. The ancient Romans invented political advertising with rock paintings used to urge voters to back a particular candidate. Print rapidly became the advertising media of choice, something which stayed the same until the 1920’s when advertisements entered the modern era with the advent of commercial radio.Television arrived shortly after, almost immediately becoming a venue for advertisements as well as programming. Until the internet began to be common in households, TV, radio and print media were the primary media used by advertisers.The World Wide Web revolutionized advertising by providing a new, interactive medium. It wasn’t until the mid  1990s that web based advertisements became commonplace; before this time, too few households online for advertisers to become aware of its potential to reach their target markets (though there had been some limited use of the web for business to business advertising). Online advertising continued to grow until by 2000, the popularity of e-commerce and the sheer number of people on the web made it possible for businesses to avoid using online advertisements only at their peril.Online advertisements are big business, threatening to overshadow older advertising media and are a large and growing part of the marketing strategies of companies of every size and in every industry. Google, Yahoo and the  other major search engines now earn billions of dollars from online advertisements every year.The web is a versatile way to reach consumers; other than text and images, the interactive multimedia capabilities of the internet help advertisers connect with their target markets in new and exciting ways. While online ads already have a lot to offer, the internet is still a growing medium and the technologies used to deliver advertising online are certain to become more sophisticated over time.Placing advertisements in video games are the latest development in the field. Delivering the same multimedia  strategies of online advertising via video games, advertisers are aiming for market share amongst the enormous and growing video gaming demographic. Advertisements have been worked seamlessly into gaming and this is certain to be a growth industry going forward.Media technologies change; but the purpose and the message of advertisements don’t. As long as there are goods and services to sell, companies will continue to go where their customers are. From print to video games and everything in between: radio advertising, TV advertising, outdoor advertising and types of advertising media not yet developed, advertisements are here to stay.