The New Era of Local Business Advertising

Local businesses have been in quite a quandary for many years. In order to compete with the major corporations, they have had to come up with more creative ways to advertise local business. Not only do they need to identify potential customers and to make these customers aware that their business even exists, but they must be able to provide some sort of unique selling point in order to lure customers away from the major corporations. Amongst all the different options that businesses have in regards to local business advertising, a few methods have always been more effective than others. Here are a few of the local advertising methods that any small business owner should consider.One of the simplest advertising methods is the use of flyers. This can be particularly effective depending upon the industry that a business is attempting to compete. One example of a trade in which advertising with flyers might be effective is a bug and pest extermination business. A single entrepreneur in this business typically is located near a few neighborhoods where he would like to acquire a lot of customers. He can simply have a number of flyers printed up on his personal printer or at his local copy shop. He can then go from door to door and place the flyers on the door handle of each door. Another good place to put the flyers is on the car windshields in a neighborhood shopping center. The flyers can be easily tucked under the windshield wiper of each car. If the entrepreneur does not want to do all the legwork himself, then he can pay a local teenager a dime or a nickel for each flyer that is distributed. Out of hundreds of flyers, it can only take one new regular customer to pay for them many times over.A more modern way of advertising is to locally advertise online. There are many free online directory sites where a small company can place a listing. There are also many search engine optimization (SEO) companies that can help a small business have their ad or website show up in the local search results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This is a quick way for a company to get their message and service in front of many more people than they would have otherwise. The Internet is making it easier and more cost effective than ever to reach a large number of prospects quickly and easily. Any company could get an online marketing campaign up and running in a matter of days.