Does Newspaper Advertising Work For a Brand?

Advertising is an important tool for any company to reach a wider audience. Behind every successful brand lie great advertising campaigns. Even in the age of the Internet and broadcast media, newspaper advertising has not lost its importance. In fact, advertising in the newspaper offers many benefits which make your investment worthwhile. Here is how newspaper advertising helps a brand.Specific Target AudienceEvery brand has a specific target audience. Through newspaper advertising, companies can reach that particular audience. Most newspapers have special sections whose target audience is based on events, geography or group. A brand can appeal to the emotional as well as the intellectual senses of a customer by producing good and relevant creative for a newspaper advertisement.Wide ReachThough penetration of the Internet and broadcast media has increased by leaps and bounds over the years, yet there are many remote areas where people get to know the events of the world only through newspapers. They are still read by a majority of the people and this is one of the major reasons why many companies prefer advertising in them. A newspaper is not only read by the person buying it, but also by members of the family and quite often visitors. Thus, for the same circulation, a newspaper’s readership is 3-4 times or even more, giving the newspaper ad a wider audience then what its circulation suggests.Newspaper Advertisement can be viewed Multiple TimesA newspaper advertisement can be viewed multiple times. People may miss a particular advertisement on television or radio, but it’s very difficult to ignore a large size advertisement in a newspaper. The reader can go through a newspaper advertisement taking his own time and can even re-read and archive it for future reference. This proves fruitful for the brand.Flexibility Newspaper advertisements offer great flexibility to firms in terms of content, design, placement and frequency. A company can promote its brand in several ways in newspapers. The display classified section clearly groups an ad in terms of nature and day of the week. A normal display advertisement gives the flexibility of choosing any page in the newspaper. One can change the creative for different insertions in the campaign period while advertising in newspapers and even promote last-minute deals.AffordabilityOne of the biggest advantages of advertising in newspapers is that it is still quite cheap as compared to electronic media. Emerging brands may not have adequate funds to undertake an advertising campaign on television and radio. The only option left for them is the newspaper and mostly for the good. Newspaper campaigns can be tailored according to any budget.Advertising through newspapers is extremely beneficial, especially for small business owners who want to increase their brand recognition and value. In broadcast media, it becomes extremely difficult to stand out in the crowd with limited budgets. There are many who start their day with a cup of tea and a newspaper.Agreed that there are certain disadvantages too, of advertising in newspaper, but there is no denying the fact, that it is still a potent tool for advertisers to enhance the reputation of their brands.

Popular Pricing Models For Online Advertising

This article lists some of the most popular ways to charge for your advertising space include: cost per click, cost per view, cost per lead, flat rate. Examples are provided for each type to illustrate the model and its benefits.1. CPA (Cost Per Action, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Purchase)The advertiser is charged every time a visitor makes a transaction or purchases a product. Publishers can either set a price for each conversion or let the advertisers choose their price. Advertisers like this model since it offers the highest quality and return on investment. Advertisers often control the pricing with this model. When a purchase or lead is generated, it’s counted as one conversion and is reported to the advertiser. For an online diamond store (eg: BlueNile, Zale, etc.), a lead could earn $10 or more.2. CPC (Cost per Click)The advertiser is charged for each click on their ads. Click prices range from as low as 10 cents to more than $10 US dollars per click. Either publisher or advertiser can set the price. However, the concern for advertisers with this model is click frauds, which means click counters are inflated artificially to drive up the advertising cost. Publishers should use an ad server with click-fraud prevention technology to offer additional protection for your advertisers.3. CPM (Cost Per Mille, i.e. Cost Per Thousand Impressions)The advertiser is charged per thousand impressions. It is one of the more popular model among medium-to-large publishers. Advertisers do not have to worry about inflated clicks as in the CPC model. CPM is a very viable model when a publisher has more than 500,000 impressions per month. For smaller advertisers, number of impressions can be limited through different targeting criteria, including frequency capping, geographical targeting to prevent exceeding advertising budget and yet maintain a high quality traffic. The downside with the CPM model is there is no consideration for clicks, conversions and ultimately purchases. At a $5 CPM, 10000 visitors a month with an average of 5 view each will earn $250.4. Flat RateThe advertiser pays a fixed price to display ad for a period of time. This is popular among smaller publishers and advertisers because it is the simplest model with very predictable earning/expense. Publishers present their website metrics (page views, audience reports, CTRs) to the advertisers and name their advertising rates. Advertisers consider the pros and cons and make a decision to purchase an ad space for a period of time, often one calendar month at a time. Rates depend on the expected impressions, location of the ads, length of time. Since the earning is known, publishers can worry about other areas of their website. This model allows both publishers and advertisers to budget their fees and predict their profits. For example, an advertiser buys two months worth of advertising on a website with a one-time cost of $1000.5. Hybrid or Combination of Multiple ModelsWith an advanced ad server, you can combine multiple pricing models to work for both sides, you and your advertisers. As an example, Flat and CPC means the publisher will have some guaranteed income (Flat) while earning extras on clicks (CPC). The pricing in this case could be arranged as follow: $500 per month plus $1 per click.

Keeping Your Small Business Alive During A Slow Economy

Whatever your small business is, you must know how to keep it alive during a slow economy. This article will show you some vital areas in which you can baton down the hatches and keep your business not only afloat during economic declines but keep you in the much needed cash flow to cover you and your family’s day to day needs.Cut Costs in Your Office or Home Office if You Work From Home- Use less electricity by turning off your computer when you will be away from it for periods over 2 hours. Turn down the heat or air conditioning in your office area while on lunch break or out of the office over night.- Buy office supplies in bulk and while they are on sale.- Cut down on your phone bill by returning calls when rates are lower. Or have your consultations and meetings over the Internet via VOIP rooms or a free service such as Skype to eliminate high phone bills altogether.Seek Out and Use Quality Low Cost and Free Advertising Where Ever You CanSmall business owners, most often referred to as entrepreneurs, by nature are already a special breed of people who strive for conventional goals but attain them via unconventional means. This more often then not means a lack of cash flow to invest in the traditional marketing methods for attaining customers. There are many low cost and free, but yet quality methods of advertising what your business offers to help you create new and repeat sales.Advertising Specials: If a online publication or local newspaper offers a “two for one” deal, or a “pay for 3 and get a fourth ad free”, take it; that’s free advertising.Trade Products/Services for Ad Space: If you have something which a ezine publisher or a particular web site owner needs, trade what they want, for ad space in their ezine or on their web site. Or simply trade ad space with them. A solo ad sent to your ezine for them and visa versa. A banner ad on your site to their product for one on their site to your product.Utilize the Power of Your Affiliate Program: If you run an affiliate program for your products, contact ezine owners related to your industry and let them know that they can earn a % of any sales made by adding you to their ezine publications and autoresponder series.Use Press Releases and News Worthy Stories: This is a very good off line method of free advertising as well as for online. Many magazines, newspapers and online news sites are always looking for news and stories interesting to their particular reader base. If yours is news worthy you get it printed free with all your business information included.Make Use of Free Viral Marketing: Create a how to report or ebook, with URL’s to affiliate programs and resources related to your topic, that other’s can brand with their own ID’s and pass around to everyone they know. Keep the information you write about targeted to your industry. Then it will naturally be picked up by people who are interested in that same topic and when placed on their web site or given to their customer data base then you have good targeted advertising for free.Keep The Cash Flowing When Needed The Most- If you sell your own products, run deep discounted sales on products that have low over head. Offer advertising on your web site, which you are going to keep running any way and it only takes a small amount of time to set the ad up for your buyer. Easy cash flow for you at no extra cost in the amount of money you need to spend for your business and very little time taken away from you.- For affiliate marketers focus primarily on programs that sell well even during a slow economy. Advertising is another very good example. There has to be a really bad economy before business owners stop advertising their business. This is their bread and butter and one of the last things they will strike out of their budget.- Pick up extra work by doing some free lance writing or virtual assistance work for other site or even off line business owners. With very little time out of your schedule you can add quite a few dollars to your own cash flow but hiring out your skills to people who don’t know how to do what you do or simply don’t want to and would rather pay someone else to do for them.The important thing about running your small business is to know the direction in which you’re heading; to know on a day-to-day basis your progress towards that direction; staying competitive in your chosen market and to practice good money management at all times. All this will help you recognize potential problems before they arise. And more so, even flourish in spite of a slow economy.Sincerely, Debbie Ducker